In this section you can find all of our recent news with regards to the running of the Hereford and District Invitation Skittle League.

Feb 04

Correspondence with the League

4 February 2023

Please Note:- The League will only conduct correspondence regarding team affairs with a team Secretary or a nominated representative in his absence. 

Jan 12

Pairs Competition

12 January 2023

Please Note:- The Pairs Competition matches due to be played on Wednesday January 18th at the Volunteer Inn will now be played at the Plough Inn.

Jan 07

Evans S C

7 January 2023

Evans S C have changed alley and in future will play all their home games at the Brewers Arms.

Dec 22


22 December 2022

Acorns will be playing their home games from the Plough Inn again from January 13th in the rebuilt alley. 

Nov 04

Singles & Pairs Competition

4 November 2022

We have recently received enquiries regarding venues for the Singles Competition. If you are viewing the fixtures on your phone and are unable to see the venues, then please turn your phone to the sideways position and you will then see the whole of each fixture.

Oct 08

Vic's Rustlers

8 October 2022

Vic's Rustlers have changed alley and will in future play their home games at the Brewers Arms.

Sep 16

Player Averages

16 September 2022

The player averages feature is now live.

If you have been provided with a username & password for the test site, you will be able to use these to access the live site. If you experience any problems logging in, please try re-setting your password. If this fails, please let us know so we can resolve the issue.

Please note, this feature does not replace the paper scorecards which must still be completed and signed by both team secretaries to officially register a match result. If possible, please take a photo of the card & email it to


Sep 15

Winter Season 2022/23

15 September 2022

The best of luck to all teams as the new season gets under way tomorrow, and just a reminder that the use of A N Other has changed. As agreed at the A G M, A N Other now consists of a default score and not the average score per leg as applied last season. If a team has eleven players and plays one A N Other, then that is entered on the scoreboard in the number twelve position and has a score of 5 per leg (20 in total). If a team has ten players and plays two A N Other, then the A N Other's are entered in the number twelve and number eleven positions on the scoreboard with the second A N other scoring 4 per leg (16 in total).

Sep 14

Do any teams require stickers?

14 September 2022

We have recently received a couple of enquiries on our Facebook page from parents who have sons interested in sticking, see below:

Hi, I hope you don't mind me to message but my sons friend helps out and does sticking and my son James who will be 16 in Oct is also interested to do this but have no idea if anything is available. It would need to be within Hereford and not in the country as he would ride his bike but, if you hear of anything, I'd be very greatful if you would message me. Many thanks, Emma

Hi, do you know of any teams in need of a sticker for the new season? My 15 year old son is really interested In doing it. Thanks, Rachel

If your team needs a sticker, please contact us to let us know.

Aug 28

Summer Cup

28 August 2022

The successfull Summer Cup, after an absence of two seasons, came to an end on Friday with Beevers of Section 3 defeating Barton of Section 2 to become Champion of Champions, and Mick Morris of Beevers winning the trophy for the highest score with 66.

The cheque for the 2021/22 season charity was presented to Sarah Andrews of the Wye Valley NHS Trust Community Stroke Service.