Phoenix Nights
Team Info  
Season founded : 2010/11.
Previous names: None
Secretary: Mr M. Llewellyn
Current home alley: Hereford Snooker Centre No.1
Previous alleys: The Victory (until end 19/20), The Potting Shed (until end 15/16), Cotterell Arms (until end 13/14)
Current league: Division One
League history: Div.1: 2014/15 to date.
  Div.2: 2013/14. Div.3: 2012/13.
  Div.4: 2011/12, Div.5: 2010/11.
 Achievements: League: Div.2 Champions 2013/14, Div.4 champions 2011/12.
Highest League finish: 2014/15 (6th in Div.1).
  Cup: None

Hereford Snooker Centre