Marsh's Marauders
Team Info  
Season founded : 2007/08
Previous names: Lads Club Loyals (until end 2011/12)
Secretary: Mr C. Smith
Current home alley: Lads Club No. 1
Previous alleys: None.
Current league: Division Three
League history: Div.3: 2012/13, 15/16, 16/17 to date.
  Div.4: 2008/09, 10/11, 11/12, 14/15.
  Div.5: 2007/08
 Achievements: League champions: None
Highest league finish: 2012/13 (11th in Div.3).
  Cup winners: None

Lads Club, Widemarsh Common.
Tel. 01432 267127

If you play for Marsh's Marauders & would like to enter your own results & averages, please contact us to provide us with your name & email address.