Summer Season 2011
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Team Alley Secretary
Beevers Brewers Arms Mr T. Sutton
Dave's Crew Richmond Club No.3 Mr D. Gwilliam
Greyhound Rugby City Sports Club Mr T. Club
Legionaires Black Lion Mr R. Morris
Pyoneers Wellington Social Club Mr G. Davies
Stenhousemuir GWRSA Club No.2 Mr R. Meredith
Vaga Mixers Vaga Tavern Mrs G. Bullock
   ***play home matches on Thursdays
Team Alley Secretary
Barflies GWRSA Club No.1 Mr J. Bindon
***Family Affair Cotterell Arms Mrs G.M. Kirby
H. F. D. T. Herdsman No.2 Mr A. Powell
Living on a Spare Hfd Snooker Centre No.1 Mr T. Hill
Small Heath Alliance Volunteer, Harold St. Mr S. Somers
Southend Travellers Credenhill Social Club Mrs A. Bounds
The Con Men Bowling Club Mr S. Jennings
Wye Anchors Hfd Snooker Centre No.2 Mr L. Silcox
Team Alley Secretary
Edwardians Lads Club No.1 Mr D. Cartwright
Muttley's Crew Golden Lion Miss A. Cousins
Richmond Northend Richmond Club No.4 Mr A. Marchant
S. C. Goggs Hfd Snooker Centre No.1 Mr S. Hicks
Saracens 'R' Overs Saracens Head Mr D. Davies
Simple Six GWRSA Club No.2 Mr A. Colley
Stampeders Herdsman No.2 Mrs G. Jones
Team Alley Secretary
Brooksiders Herdsman No.1 Mr R. Dean
Busbars The Barrels Mr M.G. Davies
Egg-on-Toast Military Club No.1 Mr M. Preece
Floppams GWRSA Club No.1 Mrs E. Jones
Military G. P. O. Military Club No.1 Mr R. Davies
Richmond Drakes Richmond Club No.2 Mr P. Bethell
Warhorses Golden Lion Mr R. Ruck
Wellies Wellington Social Club Mr K. Simpkins
Team Alley Secretary
Barton Lads Club No.2 Mr J. Yeld
Bartonsham Farmers Farmers Club No.2 Mr I. Mason
Bowling Stones Bowling Club Mrs J. Bridges
Lyne's Buckers Buckingham Inn Mrs L. Trippass
Ramblers Cross Keys, Withington Mr C. Walters
Richmond Superkings Richmond Club No.4 Mr A. Martin
Shipwrecks Herdsman No.1 Mr N. Braithwaite
We Are Family Welsh Club No.2 Mr R.B. Knill
Team Alley Secretary
Evans SC Volunteer, Harold St. Mr R. Taylor
Kemps Crusaders Lads Club No.3 Mr I.M. Jones
L. W. T. Lions Richmond Club No.1 Mr R.F. Jones
Never Mind Aye Cotterell Arms Mr B. Witherstone
Oblivion Folder Welsh Club No.1 Mr M. McCulloch
The Mutts Nutts The Victory Mr S. Hughes
Wizards Welsh Club No.1 Mr A. Butts
Team Alley Secretary
Brewers Creeps Brewers Arms Mr R. Beynon
Lost Heads The Barrels Mr J. Allwright
M & B Sags Saracens Head Mr D. Prosser
Military 'D' Military Club No.2 Mr. R. Eames
Richmond Renegades Richmond Club No.2 Mrs S. Boswell
The Regulars Cotterel Arms Mr N. Kirby
Woolfy's Pack Credenhill Social Club Mr P.A. Woolf
Team Alley Secretary
Acorns Plough Inn Mr R. Olejnik
Axon Lions Black Lion Mr D. Phillips
Buckers Buckingham Inn Mr K. Davies
Fire Flys Hfd Snooker Centre No.2 Mr D. Stephenson
Lads Club Lions Lads Club No.1 Mr N. Payne
Ratbags Farmers Club No.1 Mr A. Crowe
Seven Up Farmers Club No.1 Mrs D. Williams
Westend Welsh Club No.2 Mr T. Preedy