The Hereford & District Invitation Skittle League was formed in 1902 and today has more than 1,000 players competing in 62 teams from September to April every year. Primarily, the competition is based in Hereford City however, there are also venues at Clehonger, Credenhill, Withington and Wellington.
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Forty Five Plus Club
Home alley
Lads Club 2
Beevers »
Snooker Centre 3
Bridgemen »
Military Club 1
Buccaneers » Lads Club 3
Evans S.C »
Volunteer, Harold St
Fire Brigade »
Snooker Centre 2
Harry's Lads
GWRSA Club 2
Military 'D' »
Military Club 2
Phoenix Nights »
The Victory
Richmond 'A' Richmond Club 1
Tattibogoes »
Snooker Centre 1
The 'Con' Men' »
Golden Lion
Wellies »
Wellington S.C.
Woodentops »
The Barrels
Woodpeckers »
Bowling Club
Plough Inn
Home alley
Bunch of Bankers »
Black Lion
City Sports City Sports Club
Des's Busbars »
Golden Lion
G.W.R.S.A. 'C' » GWRSA Club 1
Livin on a Spare » Snooker Centre 1
Optimist Lads
Snooker Centre 3
Richmond Lions »
Richmond Club 1
Richmond Northend
Richmond Club 4
Richmond Painters »
Richmond Club 3
Shop Assistants Welsh Club 2
United Farmers » Richmond Club 4
Vaga » Vaga Tavern
Vic's Rustlers
Volunteer, Harold St.
Welsh Club 'W'
Welsh Club 1
Vaga Tavern
Whitecross 'B'
Richmond Club No.2
Home alley
Credenhill 'B' » Credenhill S.C.
Dead Men Walking Black Lion
G.W.R.S.A. 'A'
GWRSA Club 1
G.W.R.S.A. 'B' GWRSA Club 2
Herefordians**** » GWRSA Club 1
Lost Heads »
The Barrels
Marsh's Marauders Lads Club 1
Military GPO » Military Club 1
Lads Club 3
Pins of Anarchy » Brewers Arms
Richmond Lads »
Richmond Club 3
Strongbow Whitrcross
Tennis Club
Trevor Williams Welsh Club 2
Walt's Ramblers Cross Keys, Withington
Welsh Club 'B'
Welsh Club 1
Home alley
.Plough Inn
Bartonsham Farmers
Lads Club 1
Brewers Creeps » Brewers Arms
Brooksiders Herdsman 2
Legionaires Herdsman 2
M&B Seven Stars Severn Stars
Military Tees
Military Club 2
Pyoneers »
City Sports Club
Rafateers » Lads Club 2
Richmond Oilers Richmond Club 2
Southend Snooker Centre 2
St. Austell Bowling Club
The Generals »
Herdsman 3
The Rising Stars
Seven Stars
Wanderers Herdsman 3


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